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Virtual Assistant to time-starved coaches & consultants who need a rockstar sounding board partner to turn ideas & tasks into actions & results

RoBec Solutions is a Virtual Assistant (VA) Service provider lead by Rebecca Hughes, delivering executive assistance, administrative support , technical support and tech and strategy implementation to coaches and consultants, online.

Rebecca Hughes leads RoBec Solutions and she understands that businesses are all individual, including hers. Individual goalsdeadlinesdemandspriorities but, business owners all have one thing in common, they’re human and they all have the same amount of time in their busy lives.

Rebecca is ready to be your support partner whether you’re looking for a dedicated Assistant to manage your busy schedule, emails and to – do lists, need technical and admin assistance whilst starting your business, need dedicated time on a project, require an implementer for your tools and systems or, if you know you need some support but don’t know what for exactly, or for how long. Each and every business and professional is individual.

Working with Rebecca as your arm of support is easy and is extremely valuable to your business, you can focus on growing your business, re focusing your mind and leaving administration, the techy stuff and exceptional support dealt with whilst bringing cost savings, loyalty and efficiency when you need it, keeping integrity and professionalism throughout. 

The diversification of tasks and challenges excites me and I relish the opportunity to assist in the success of a range of businesses, that’s one reason why I chose to become a Virtual Assistant.

Rebecca Hughes

Virtual Executive Assistant | RoBec Solutions

Core Values

Benefits of RoBec Solutions

Rebecca is the face of her business. Consistency in her core values is a fundamental element for the success of RoBec Solutions

Rebecca acts fairly, openly and honest in all that she does. She is real, honest, confidential and a leader by example. Rebecca believes that this value alone sets the foundation for successful business relationships between her and RoBec clients and demonstrates a fair and transparent business

Every business is individual and thus Rebecca’s role changes hour by hour. Rebecca performs and adapts to each of her diverse roles exceptionally well.

When Rebecca has a goal, she pursues it. If she is faced with adversity, she gets through it. When she doesn’t know, she learns.

Perseverance is the key for driving Rebecca on when she is faced with difficulty or resistance. This has been fundamental in the growth of RoBec Solutions

Rebecca aims for exemplary delivery of services and takes pride in her work both for her business and for her clients.

Rebecca is dedicated as a lifelong learner believing there is no limit to her potential. This brings unique benefits to each RoBec client.

  • No PAYE costs
  • You know exactly what you’re paying for
  • Call on, Call off and flexes with your business
  • Support is on hand when required
  • Fully insured
  • More time to focus on your business
  • Higher level of productivity
  • Professional and smart administration support who will fit in with your brand
  • Insight to alternative innovative ways of working
  • Easy and straightforward delegation of tasks
  • More time for work-life balance
  • Committed to self-improvement
  • Knowledgeable and interested in multiple systems
  • Rebecca is a dedicated lifelong learner and whilst may ‘not know’ an answer, she’ll certainly make it her mission to find out.
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