Keeping passwords safe with a password manager

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What will you take away from this post?​

By the end of this post, you will have an understanding as to why password managers should be used and gain an overall knowledge of how LastPass, my recommended Password Manager that I use, can help streamline your password process, keeping your passwords super secure.

I haven’t always used a password manager, when I didn’t I used a Google Docs, Post it notes and the back of a notepad. I chose to start using a password manager because I needed everything to be in one secure place.

Why use a Password Manager? ​

As a Virtual Assistant, I have so many passwords I need to be using, daily. I have my own login credentials, shared passwords from Clients and even personal login credentials I need to use on a regular basis.

Aside from having to keep secure all of these passwords, I’ve seen it far too many times the use of weak passwords and these weak passwords are being used on multiple sites! I like to have a unique and secure password for every login credential I need and generating and remembering a string of random letters, numbers and symbols wouldn’t be possible without my Password Manager.

A Password Manager (such as LastPass – which I have used for many years and highly recommend) stores your login credentials, from the moment you enter them in to the Vault, to all of the websites you use and require you to log in to, all of your passwords are stored within the password manager and you only have to remember the one master password, in order to gain access to your password vault.

Do I really need a password manager?​

I would highly recommend you use a password manager regardless of how many passwords you need to save.

Stop the stress of searching for lost post it notes, remembering the password you literally just changed (I resonate!) and remembering the password you changed right after you were prompted to change it… 24 days ago.

Being as passwords should be completely safe and not able to be guessed, using a password manager is a lot safer and easier than not.

What else do I need to use a password manager?

  1. Good Internet Connection
  2. Basic computer skills
  3. Laptop, Desktop or Mobile device (Smart Phone, iPad, Tablet)
  4. Somewhere safe to keep your master password (essential!)

Which password manager should I use?​

This is entirely up to you as all password managers pretty much do the same thing. 

I use an iPhone and an iPad which has the built in password manager, but I also use LastPass and is the one I recommend but Capterra also have a post showcasing the Best Password Management Software in 2020.

What is LastPass?

LastPass is a password manager in the cloud and with available extensions and apps for Desktop and Mobile, your Passwords can be accessed from every device.

LastPass has a free account but you can use LastPass for Personal and Business use and therefore has the option to upgrade to Premium, Teams, Families and Enterprise

My top 5 reasons for loving LastPass

  1. I can take it with me wherever I go due to it’s mobile compatibility.
  2. I am reassured of it’s safety knowing that LastPass don’t have access to my saved passwords and they have strong strategies in place to prevent hacking and data breaches.
  3. I just need to know ONE password which makes my life alot easier!
  4. Site launches and auto fills allow me to save time when accessing the multiple sites I need to each day
  5. It was a simple tool to implement

How much does LastPass cost?

LastPass not only saves your Passwords it also enables you to save secure notes and other secure data and digital records such as policy references, membership details, Wi-Fi Passwords, Bank accounts details, Credit and Debit card details, Passport numbers and other information you need to have on hand in a secure and retrievable place.

Aside from storing your passwords, you can also generate strong and secure passwords which can be between 8 and 64 numbers, letter and symbols in length, ensuring your passwords can be generated with piece of mind that they’re completely unique and without the stress of having to remember them!

As I am a Virtual Assistant, the sharing facility is great and essential. Clients can share their passwords and notes if required, with me from their LastPass to mine (if they don’t have an account, I recommend it!). I can also share any login credentials with anyone who needs them.

How popular is LastPass?

LastPass is highly trusted around the World

  • 17.8 million users
  • 4.5 rating on the Chrome Web Store (Based on 27,600 reviews)
  • 61,000 Businesses use LastPass

(Source: Lastpass)

How safe is LastPass?

It is evident that LastPass take security very seriously. 

I reached out to LastPass and asked them about the possibility of being hacked and here’s their reply;

“It’s virtually impossible to hack LastPass thanks to the encryption methods that we use. Read more about it here: What makes LastPass secure”

Here is a really good resource from their website which explains their security timeline and how LastPass keeps you safe in the event of a hack.

It’s also VERY important to remember that you only have ONE password to remember and that is your Master Password which allows you access to your vault. If you lose this or forget it, LastPass don’t know it so you will have the headache of either recovering your passwords or losing your vault.

When reaching out to them, they also confirmed that they couldn’t gain access to your passwords, even if they wanted to. And this because you hold the ‘key’ to decrypt the vault.

Conclusion ​

In this post you learned what a password manager is, why you should use one and you had an introduction to LastPass.

Using a password manager has really changed the way I set my passwords and keep my credentials safe. It’s also something I recommend to anyone keeping passwords and my recommendation reaches out to you too. 

What was the top thing you are taking away from this post?

Do you use or have you used LastPass before? What are your thoughts? 

Let me know in the comments below and as always, please use the information I share to make a change to your life or business because taking action is the only way forward to succeeding.

Rebecca Hughes

Rebecca Hughes

Rebecca is an ambitious, driven, passionate and dedicated Online Business Manager who loves Systems, Productivity, Team Building and cloud tech! She is a life-long, continuous learner who never goes to bed without learning something new since she woke up!

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