Setting goals isn’t just for New Years eve, in fact, those resolutions you make very rarely get seen through to goal achievement. Why? Because there was no strategy behind obtaining the outcome. They’re more often in the moment wishes .

I like setting real and meaningful goals which I want and need to reach within the next 6, 12 months and beyond, and being as I review my goals regularly, I can ensure I’m on track for obtaining the outcome I desire. 

Why do you make goals for yourself?

Goal setting provides a focus for us. This focus allows us to create and shape our dreams. When done correctly, by that I mean with clarity and in detail, It allows us to map out the exact steps we need to take to get to our goals.  

When you have a vision to how your life will look in your future, it will make goal setting easier for you.

In order to get the best out of your life, these goals need to be accomplished and will fall in line with your vision. Writing them down, documenting them and reviewing them every day reminds you of those important goals you want to reach and the broken down actions will clarify the exact steps we need to take to get there. 

Personally, setting goals has grown me significantly as an individual and I can absolutely vouch that goal setting, small actionable but massive steps work.

What type of goals should I set?

Your goals are everything you want in life, personal and in business, regardless of specifics such as value or time it’ll take to get there (we cover this in a moment). Always have in the back of your mind that your long-term goals are going to see you right in exactly that, the long term. You are always working towards them and eventually you will hit them however, you will not get there without your short term goals.

At Christmas time, I sit down with my Children whilst they write their letters to Father Christmas and I am normally utterly shocked at the length of the “Please may I have….” on the A4 page letter. Last year. Initially, I thought wow, greed has taken over but really the fact is no, they have a goal and getting that golden remote control Lamborghini or that full on drum kit means they reach that goal. This is the stance you need to take. It’s not about greed, because you are the one working towards getting these things you really want and need in life. You are putting in work and you are here to live your life. Why on earth not reach for your dreams?


What is your vision? What do you want to achieve? Hone in on your end goal - it will make it easier to achieve and give you the motivation to action your set tasks and meet your milestones

S.M.A.R.T Goal Planner

Download my FREE SMART goal planner and actionable worksheets

Download my FREE SMART goal planner and actionable worksheets – remember to keep them in view and add it to your project management tool for it to be super effective and ALWAYS take action to progress closer to achievement

How do I set my goals?

Let’s work together in these next steps.

I was inspired from these processes used by Tony Robbins and I have followed his process and seen my own results, whilst adding in quarterly and monthly milestones.

Download my interactive SMART Goal planner with actionable worksheets or a take a dedicated notepad or success journal and write down each and every goal you want to set in your life, make sure this is done on either a new worksheet (provided in the download) or on a blank sheet of paper, for each and every outcome.

Do not think right now of the value, just capture everything  (by the way, it’s OK to put a Penthouse in the USA if you really do want a Penthouse in the USA and you think you can achieve it)

Look at this list and place a number next to it. This number indicates the years in which you are looking to achieve your goal by. This can be 1, 5, 10, 20, 30 years. 

The next step is to write down WHY you want to achieve this goal. Don’t make it fluffy, really draw from your heart the real reason you want to achieve this goal. This is a MUST. Why MUST you reach this goal? Should’s can be scheduled for another day. Make this a MUST! – It’ll change your life.

Need some inspiration?

To make £6,000 per month may be a 1 year goal but that Penthouse in the USA might be a 10 year goal. Go ahead and place you number next to your goal.

Next, go through your list of goals, we need to take those goals and make them SMART






You may already know this method, which if you do, great! if not read through….

Specific: the more specific you are the better (Who, What, Why)

Measurable: you have placed a time-frame for achievement, you know how many or how much of this item you want

Achievable:  you can achieve your goal comfortably and writing the tasks in the next step will show how achievable your goal is

Realistic: you know you can do this, you know you can reach your goal, you know it is the right time to reach this goal

Timely: you have put a date on it, you know when you want to achieve this goal by

See my example;

I will be earning £8,000 per month via my online business whilst enjoying serving my customers and seeing my business grow naturally, by 31 December 2021. 

After we ensure that you have clarified WHY you want to achieve your goal and your goals are SMART, It’s a good idea to go through and create quarterly and monthly milestones, followed by noting down all of the actions it will take to reach your goal, in bite-size chunks. Go ahead and do this now (If you’ve downloaded the free SMART Goals Planner, there’s a handy calendar section on the worksheets) write down the actions you need to take to reach this goal, task by task, little by little. Doing this will also offer the clarity that your goal is achievable.

But what do I need to do? What actions do I need to set?

You need to focus on the very next action. If you want to create an online course for instance, what is your very next action, it’s likely to be to brainstorm and set your topic.  Don’t jump to writing the modules, you need to first set the topic. 

What is next?

  1. Put your goals somewhere you can see every day. this could be a list on your wall, a desktop wallpaper or a full on visual board. Whichever works for you (if you download my planner, you could magnet it to your fridge, keep it in a file or save it in your downloaded resource file)
  2. I also highly recommend you place your actions into a Project Management tool, I recommend Trello or Teamwork Projects – both of which I love to use.  With these tools you can set deadlines, reminders, priorities and sub tasks – all helping you with that visual action plan. 
  3. Check in regularly, how are you progressing, what needs more work?
  4. Achieve and feel amazing
Whilst progressing through to reaching your goals always think about how much you want to achieve it. What and how will you feel if you don’t achieve it and look back over the last 12 months and realise that you set these goals and never worked towards them? 
Now, you have this guide and your goals are being set, work towards them and go achieve them. GOOD LUCK! You CAN do this!
S.M.A.R.T Goal Planner

Download my FREE SMART goal planner and actionable worksheets

Download my FREE SMART goal planner and actionable worksheets – remember to keep them in view and add it to your project management tool for it to be super effective and ALWAYS take action to progress closer to achievement

Rebecca Hughes

Rebecca Hughes

Rebecca is an ambitious, driven, passionate and dedicated Online Business Manager who loves Systems, Productivity, Team Building and cloud tech! She is a life-long, continuous learner who never goes to bed without learning something new since she woke up!

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